10 Incredible Bearded Dragon Facts

Bearded dragons are also known as pogona and they are one of the most preferred lizard pets around the world. They have a wild nonetheless adorable visual appeal, outstanding intelligence, and a quite amazing identify to go along with that. Most house owners dotingly contact them “beardies” and there is no denying their vivaciousness. 

Beneath are 10 amazing info you likely didn’t know about bearded dragons.

1. Bearded Dragons Do Not Basically Have Beards

Bearded Animals
Bearded dragons have scales about their neck which is their own edition of beards.

Ken Griffiths/W3schools

Though they are widely known as bearded dragons, bearded dragons do not basically have beards at least not in a human perception. If you get a close glance, you won’t obtain facial hair or everything of the type. Nonetheless, they do have scales all-around their neck which is their individual variation of beards. And as opposed to what’s obtainable in human modern society, both males and women have beards. 

These scaly beards can serve as a type of defense versus predators- when a bearded dragon feels threatened, it would elevate its chin and flare its beards out creating it appear larger than it in fact is. 

Bearded dragons also deploy the beards as part of a mating simply call, in which they morph into a dim coloration. This is when they appear remotely like genuine human beards generally due to the fact of the colour. 

2. Bearded Dragons Are Solitary Animals

Bearded dragons are one of those people animals that like to be by by themselves and are high-quality all by itself. They only relate with other beardies through mating seasons and once mating is over, they return to their spaces to be by on their own. It doesn’t get any additional solitary than that, does it?

3. Bearded Dragons Are Venomous

Largest Bearded Dragon - Eastern Bearded Dragon
Even though bearded dragons are venomous, their venom has no dangerous outcomes on human beings.

Zhitkov Boris/W3schools

Real truth is, bearded dragons are venomous, on the other hand, their venom has no unsafe result on people. That really considerably points out why they remain 1 of the most liked animals in Europe and North The united states. 

Their venom is mainly unsafe to the bugs they prey on and is mostly innocuous to human beings and numerous other animals. 

4. Bearded Dragons Are The natural way Averse To Fireflies And Avocados

Bearded dragons simply cannot have fireflies for foodstuff for the reason that fireflies have toxic compounds acknowledged as lucibufagins that can have an impact on their hearts to a lethal degree. This usually means they could truly die from eating as small as a person firefly. 

As for avocados, they have surplus oxalic acids which right after intake could make bearded dragons turn out to be really ill and maybe die. The avocados also have a higher focus of fats which may lead to being overweight in bearded dragons and shorten their lifespan specially if they are in captivity. 

5. Bearded Dragons Do Not Have A Liquid Urine

Nonetheless a different motive why bearded dragons are deemed in close proximity to-ideal pets. They do not urinate liquid, so there is no possibility they would pee on you whilst you are actively playing with them. Their urine will come out as a powdery compound, recognized as the uric acid, together with other waste. 

Scientists say they do not urinate liquid due to the fact they are initially from deserts and their body conserves every single drop of liquid. That tends to make perception, right?

6. An raise In Incubation Temperature Can Result In A Change Of Gender In Bearded Dragons

Throughout incubation, the sexual intercourse of bearded dragons can modify. So, when the temperature results in being very high, the eggs will morph into women. But if it’s very low, then the eggs would most probable be male. Aside from the sex adjust, heat temperatures can also negatively affect their finding out potential by slowing it down. Pet proprietors and potential homeowners should choose note. 

7. Bearded Dragons Can Give Delivery 2 times

Feminine bearded dragons can conserve sperm substance from a male all through a mating session to give start yet again. This suggests the women can lay up to two clutches of eggs from a single mating session. Bear in head that one particular clutch can feature in between 15-30 eggs. That way, they can improve the amount of offspring from a single mating session. We have to acknowledge, that’s really amazing. 

8. Bearded Dragons Can Alter Their Skin Shade

bearded dragon eating plant
Bearded dragons are able of transforming their skin coloration.


When you hear about an animal changing their pores and skin color, you straight away assume of the chameleon. Even though that is ideal, bearded dragons can also improve their pores and skin shade. Their shade adjust is not as subtle or easy as the chameleons and they usually alter to a darker pores and skin tone to absorb some much more warmth. In the similar vein, when it will become far too warm, they’d make their skin lighter. 

9. Bearded Dragons Are Capable Of Slipping Asleep Although Standing

Bearded dragons have the scarce “talent” of sleeping upright many thanks to their natural potential to lock their hind legs and maintain them selves upright. They often do this when they have to snooze involving rocks, in which scenario, they would just lock their hind legs, lean from something and sleep away. 

10. Bearded Dragons Wave To Accept Each individual Other

A lot like human beings, bearded dragons also wave to just about every other as a indicator of acknowledgment. A male bearded dragon would wave to a excellent male as a way of pledging submission and the dominant male would bob its head as a gesticular assertion of its superiority. 

Girls would also wave their arms to demonstrate that they are down for a mating session and the males would bob their heads in reaction. 

They also wave at human beings not to greet for every se, but as some variety of acknowledgment of human superiority. Bearded dragons are quite modest and they know their area, so they would usually wave to reveal this. How adorable. 

Reward Bearded Dragon Specifics

  • Bearded dragons can expend up to 12 hours just basking in the sunlight (sunbathing).
  • Bearded dragons can dwell among 8-14 several years as pets and their lifestyle expectancy is shorter in the wild many thanks to predators. 
  • They have a breezy pace and can operate as speedy as 9 miles for each hour.
  • Bearded dragons enjoy swimming and would often blow air unto themselves to gain some buoyancy.
  • They can regrow misplaced or missing tooth.

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