53 Incredible Japanese Dog Names and Their Meanings

Much more than 130 million folks converse Japanese globally. The Japanese language is special, distinct, and fascinating – it is, in actuality, the only identified formal language in Japan. In the same way, there are only 6 indigenous Japanese inu (which means ‘dog’ in Japanese) specified as nationwide monuments in Japan. They include things like Shiba Inu, Akita, Kai Ken, Kishu Ken, Shikoku Ken, and Hokkaido breeds. However, whether or not you possess one particular of these legendary canine breeds or other Japanese breeds (such as the Japanese Terrier), it just can’t be easy to find the fantastic Japanese identify for your wonderful dog (simply because there is an totally vast range of choices to choose from!). 

It’s also not unusual to see other doggy house owners who motivation a Japanese puppy title for their non-Japanese pet dogs. Not for any other purpose than it lets them to choose a unique, reliable title that’ll make their puppy stand out in the park. Or, possibly they obtain interest in Japanese tradition and heritage. Want to know the best component? You never even will need to learn the Japanese language to choose one particular —because most of these canine names are very straightforward to pronounce. Nonetheless, if you or any member of your household has any trouble announcing any of these names, you should really look for the enable of a language application this kind of as Duolingo. 

We’ve compiled a checklist of the most amazing Japanese pet names and their meanings, to assistance in your enthusiastic look for for the best name for your new bundle of pleasure. This list is made up of names inspired by your dog’s temperament/visual appeal to names influenced by Japanese foods, pop society, or the pure globe. So we’ve built it less difficult to pick out just one that’ll go well with you and absolutely everyone in your family members. 

Male Japanese Pet Names and Their Meanings 

Akita Inu vs Shiba Inu: Akita and Shiba
Oshi, a preferred japanese doggy identify, implies great luck.


Here’s our thoroughly picked record of the most well known Japanese pet dog names for your male dog, and their meanings.

1. Aiko – which means boy or girl of really like.

2. Aki – indicating shiny, autumn. 

3. Arata – indicating fresh, new. 

4. Oshi – meaning  beautiful stream, fantastic luck, superior, righteous. 

5. Shinju – that means  pearl.

6. Umi – which means  ocean.

7. Daitan – indicating daring, daring.

8. Daiki – meaning  large, good glory / good nobility. 

9. Haruto – which means sunshine traveling.

10. Katashi – this means  organization. 

11. Akio – which means  brilliant man, hero.  

12. Hiro – which means  generous. 

13. Isamu – indicating  courageous, courageous. 

14. Kaito – indicating  ocean traveling. 

15. Jiro – which means the 2nd son.

16. Taiki – which means excellent radiance, shine. 

17. Yoshi – this means  lucky/righteous. 

18. Tadao – meaning  loyal, devoted gentleman.

19. Maron – meaning chestnut.

20. Hideo – which means great person. 

21. Taki-  this means waterfall. 

22. Kumo- this means cloud. 

23. Kento – that means pleasure. 

24. Yuzu – meaning a variety of citrus fruit.

25. Kenta – meaning massive, strong, balanced. 

26. Katsu – that means victory. 

27. Ren – this means lotus/love.

Feminine Japanese Puppy Names and their Meanings

dog tear stain remover
Amai is a Japanese puppy title that indicates “sweet.”

Bhitakbongse Leesothikul/W3schools

Here’s our meticulously picked list of the most well-known Japanese puppy names for your woman pet dog, and their meanings.

1. Eri –that means blessed prize

2. Akira – which means smart, vivid, clear 

3. Amaya – which means night rain

4. Emi – indicating lovely blessing

5. Hana – that means flower

6. Haru – this means daylight, spring

7. Rina – that means jasmine

8. Sachiko – which means joyful, happy child  

9. Eiji – which means prosperity, peace, great 

10. Hime- meaning princess

11. Tsuki – this means moon 

12. Yuki – indicating snow, happiness 

13. Amai – this means sweet

14. Yumi – meaning beautiful 

15. Chieko- meaning youngster of intelligence, wisdom

16. Ryoko – this means refreshing child 

17. Maiko – that means youngster of dance 

18. Kimi – this means noble 

19. Chika – that means scatter flowers 

20. Miyako – this means attractive evening child 

21. Miwa – this means beautiful harmony, peace 

22. Yua- which means  binding love 

23. Sora – that means sky 

24. Yasu – indicating peace

25. Ki –which means brightness, radiance 

26. Mori –meaning forest

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