Audit Evidence

Different items of evidence ought to be collected beneath totally different auditing things. The auditor ought to perceive the character and sort of evidence out there in numerous things and even have the power to gauge the sufficiency, and acceptableness of the proof out there. Thus, the auditor ought to acquire spare quantum of relevant and reliable evidence. The analysis method of the audit-proof is herein spoken as verification.


The conception of evidence is key to auditing. Audit evidence may be a reflection of the realities found throughout the course of AN audit. All audit techniques and procedures square measure derived from the conception of evidence. It helps the auditor in perceiving the kinds of evidences out there in an audit scenario, aggregation them through the varied audit techniques and evaluating their sufficiency and appropriateness to support the information. Thus, the audit evidence can have an explicit impact on the mind of the auditor to gain his skilled judgement.


1. If it’s the duty of AN auditor to specific his freelance opinion on the budget volumed to him, the info made by the accounting alone (e.g., journals, ledger, manuals, worksheets) aren’t spare to base his opinion.

2. The accounting itself even be|is also} defective and therefore the results made by such accounting shall also be defective. Therefore, before creating any such opinion he ought to make sure the accuracy and credibleness of the data volumed to him. The auditor ought to, therefore, gather all valid evidence and verify them. The evidence ought to even be complete and competent to provide a concept, concerning the fairness of the information.

3. It has conjointly become a universally accepted commonplace for auditing to gather spare, appropriate, competent, ANd valid evidence before expressing an opinion concerning the fairness of the monetary statements of his consumer.

4. Audit evidence has assumed abundant importance within the company audits everywhere the planet. Not solely the shareholders however conjointly even others will place reliance on the audited monetary statements. Banks and alternative monetary establishments have recognized the auditor’s opinion as true and honest.

5. In India, the auditor of a corporation ought to build a press release in his report whether or not he has obtained all the data and clarification, that in his opinion square measure necessary for the conduct of the audit, and therefore the monetary statements provide a true and honest read of the state of affairs.

6. The auditor will kind AN opinion or come back to a conclusion solely when corroboratory all the competent evidence collected by him. Similar duties are solid upon the value auditor beneath price Audit Report Rules. obligatory Tax Audit is introduced in the Asian nation.

7. All firms, no matter their structure kind, ought to get their accounts audited by a professional controller if the annual flip over of such corporations exceeds Rs.40 lakhs. Hence, the auditing profession has become additional and more matured.


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