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Biomass utilization and other natural resources in recent times, has become the most important things especially because of its benefits towards mitigating global warming effect, as well as being an alternative source of energy. Biomass has been the best resource for various forms of energy. A best potential alternative to non-renewable sources and various forms of energy is such as nuclear power and oil. The biomass is the best way of alternative energy sources.

Jatropha possesses some risk factors associated with its inherent toxic part as well as environmental hazards associated with its large scale and long-term production as an alternative energy source crop. Moringa, however, has one hundred percent usability, as all parts of the plant are used without any toxic part. Biofuels, simply put, are fuels that are derived from agricultural products. Biofuels are a renewable source of energy that can be used in many applications, from fueling your vehicle to generating electricity and heating your home. In this generation, biofuels have been attracting attention from various sectors. Biomass energy and Biofuels are not only decentralized but are also equitably shared by all sections of the rural population which considered being carbon-neutral.

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