Cave Lions Vs Modern Lions: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Lions are thought to be native to Africa. This assertion is correct for modern-day lions, like the West African lion and the Barbary lion. Having said that, there is a species of historic lions uncovered in Europe, the cave lions. Both of those species are similar, from becoming in the Felidae family to their interaction procedures. 

There is the concern of who wins in a struggle among both of those animals. What transpires when two kings of the jungle have interaction in struggle? This posting will existing an correct description of both species and use this to fairly deduce who will win in these a contest.

Discoveries and Fossils – Wherever It was Located

Cave lions have been identified as considerably back as 1810. These discoveries ended up created from Eurasia to North The united states. They have been of tracks and bones, as a result, limiting the information researchers could extract. In 2008, a stack of bones determined as a cave lion’s was discovered in Anyuisk village in Russia.

The very first perfectly-preserved cave lion fossil was uncovered in 2018 in the Yakutia province in Russia. The cave lion was a cub that died and was preserved in ice. The cub was a feminine named Sparta and even now had furs on it. Not far from this discovery, yet another cub, a male, was also found in the ice about 50 toes away. In 2017, a cave lion cub was uncovered frozen on the Tirekhtyakh Riverbank in Russia. These fossils are dated concerning 28,000 and 30,000 years outdated.  These are nevertheless the very best-preserved samples of a cave lion learned to date.

A North American Cave Lion skeleton
Cave lions weighed as considerably as 700 pounds.

Extinction – When Did It Die Out?

The European cave lion went extinct all around 13,000 a long time back, through the late Pleistocene era. In accordance to scientific studies, a reduce in the availability of prey may have had a vital part in the species’ demise. Scientists uncovered proof of these lions skinned for their pelts. This contributes to a hypothesis that cave lions were being also hunted into extinction by people.

Description & Size

Cave lions have the scientific name Panthera leo spelaea. Cave lions were giant animals that shared similarities with tigers. These similarities consist of thick striped fur and round-shaped cranium and ears. These lions are also identified as European cave lions or Eurasian cave lions.

In a migration sample typical to most creatures, lions from Africa migrated to Europe, North The us, and Asia. These lions then experienced to adapt to new environments, which affected their evolution. Some facts about cave lions contain:

  • Top – 3.11ft/ 120 cm
  • Pounds – 400 – 770 lb / 200 – 350 kg
  • Duration – 6.11 ft/210 cm
  • Attributes – Power, Stamina, and huge measurement (frequently termed the Mega-lion)

Modern day lions have the scientific title Panthera leo. Leo is the Latin term for lion, even though Panthera is a Greek word that describes huge cats. These lions contain the Barbary lion, West African lion, and Cape lion. Contrary to cave lions, the genders of modern lions can be distinguished centered on physical visual appeal. Male lions have manes, which describe lengthy and thick hair that grows all around their necks, and are slightly more substantial.

Even though the lifespan of cave lions is not regarded, modern-day lions can reside for 8 to 15 yrs in the wild. These lions can live for a longer time in captivity, more than 25 a long time. Information and figures about contemporary lions consist of:

  • Top – 3.5 – 4 ft/ 100 – 120 cm
  • Fat – 300 – 550 lb/ 150 – 250 kg
  • Size – 5.5 – 8.5 ft
  • Attributes – Thick mane, strength

Diet regime – What Did Cave and Fashionable lions Take in?

Cave lions and contemporary lions are carnivorous animals, which signifies they eat meat. Their particular diet will rely on what is readily available in their respective domains. Cave lions predominantly preyed on animals like reindeers, mammoths, and bison. These lions had been big and quick, and these attributes served hunt prey of big measurements.

Present day lions are also carnivores that primarily prey on mammals like wildebeests, zebras, African buffalos, antelopes, and giraffes. Because of to their more compact size, fashionable lions will only consider on young types of massive animals like elephants and rhinos. They only hunt significant mammals when the option presents alone, or they do so as a satisfaction.

Habitat – When and Where by They lived

Cave lions existed in the course of the Pleistocene era into the Early Holocene. Eurasian cave lions migrated from Africa to Europe and Asia. This motion might have been a reaction to the difference in climate in Africa.  It is also considered that cave lions lived in forests, as some are observed close to habitats of herbivores.

Modern day lions can be discovered all about Africa. They can be located in savanna regions, open plains, and dry forests. The availability of animals to prey on generally decides the habitat of modern day lions. These lions get most of their hydration via their prey. They only drink drinking water when they get a probability to. So, these lions will choose their habitat based mostly on in which prey abounds.

Compared with cave lions, fashionable lions use sneak tactics to attack prey. These lions are little ample to cover in tall grass. Tall grasses also serve as shade for modern lions in open planes. Thus, they will seek out out habitats in a region that offers these. Usually, lions have superior adaptability to diverse habitats, presented there are sufficient animals to prey on.

Threats And Predators of Cave and Modern-day Lions

Cave lions were massive and robust animals, building them nearly immune to remaining preyed on. Dependent on what we know about modern day lions, the threats to cave lions could have been similar. Specifically, cave lions are uncovered to several threats from birth, including starvation and grownup male lions they are not linked to. It is presumed that these lions had been hunted to extinction by human beings. Therefore, the greatest threat and predator cave lions faced have been people.

Fashionable lions deal with a variety of threats, with most coming from human beings. Normally, a lion is not hunted or attacked other than it’s on your own. Hyenas are a threat to lions as a excellent selection of them can destroy a lion, and they have a rivalry. Lions can get hurt, primarily although hunting big prey or preys with damaging defense mechanisms. Nevertheless, these threats do not look at to that individuals pose to lions. Reduction of habitat to human actions, trophy hunting, and poaching is resulting in an rising decline in the populace of lions.

African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) being caught by Lions (Panthera leo).
African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) becoming caught by Lions (Panthera leo).


Similar Animals to The Cave lion

Identical animals to the cave lion incorporate:

  • Lynx – A lynx is a member of the significant cat spouse and children but a solitary style. This massive cat is identified in forests of North The united states, Europe, and Asia.
  • Tiger – Tigers (Panthera tigris) are users of the significant cat loved ones but the strongest of them all. These cats have a distinct orange/brown coat, white marks, and black stripes.
  • Leopard – The Panthera pardus is a attractive significant cat ordinarily located in sections of Asia and Africa. Weighing in between 82 to 200lb, this cat also feeds majorly on big animals.
  • Liger – This is an offspring of a male lion and a feminine tiger. The Liger is a hybrid animal and is the premier of the significant cats in the world, measuring about 12 ft tall when on its hind legs.

How rapid can they go?

Cave lions are presumed to attain the velocity of 30 mph/48 km/h, while modern-day lions can achieve speeds of 49 mph/ 80 km/h. This means fashionable lions have this gain and can outrun a cave lion. Nonetheless, lions frequently just can’t operate for lengthy, even all through hunts. For that reason, this may not be an extra position for the modern day lion. Both lions will be more engaged in swiping claws and aiming to choke off the opponent with their very long sharp teeth.

How they converse

The Eurasian cave lion is assumed to connect utilizing the very same usually means as modern lions. Males have louder and deeper voices than women for this reason roaring is the most typical system of interaction. The roar may well be a sign of hostility and dominance versus their foes, or it could be a kind of social link.


An true struggle can not be established up in between a cave lion and a fashionable lion. As a result, the facts mentioned earlier mentioned will trace at the likely winner. The cave lion is more substantial and more powerful than the modern lion. Whilst the modern day lion is faster, it can only run for so extensive. This is mainly because lions are not created for this exercise.

In a shut get hold of battle, a fashionable lion is far more guarded from fatal blows by its mane. This fact is an benefit that a cave lion in all probability does not have. On the other hand, it is presumable that a cave lion has additional stamina and strength and can outlast a present day lion in fight. A modern-day lion can hardly defeat a tiger in struggle. Consequently, a fashionable lion will probably drop a battle in opposition to a cave lion.

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