CAZRI full form

The CAZRI refers to the “central arid zone research institute”. CAZRI was inveterate in 1952 by the Indian government in the jodhpur city of Rajasthan. It was previously called by some other name “desert Afforestation research station” and renamed in 1959.

Objectives of CAZRI:-

Rat Control

  • Rat populace nature and disease in editing frameworks mode in various agro-environmental districts including slopes, islands and innate territories.
  • Observing rat biodiversity versus broadening of agribusiness, urbanization, Farming framework approaches, environmental change, and so forth.
  • Rat issue and their administration under pressurized water system frameworks, polyhouse and peri-urban farming and post-gather rat administration.


Agrarian Ornithology

  • Observing of Bird populace (progression, network Structure in connection to product and degree of yield harm) in Agricultural scene.
  • Utilization of GIS and Remote detecting instruments for assessment of fledgling perching locales, natural surroundings appropriateness record and effect in connection to various editing framework.
  • Improvement and assessment of eco-accommodating winged creature administration hones for trim security/generation.


Higher Vertebrate

  • Status and general conveyance of major risky species, as Nilgai; wild hog and monkey in various agro climatic districts of the nation.
  • Spatial circulation with reference to crops/trimming designs in various agro climatic districts
  • Populace flow and social conduct of the objective species
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