Common Misconceptions About the Human Body

Whenever you recall to set on a hat prior to venturing out into chilly weather, you may possibly feel your full physique really should be thanking you. Right after all, we lose most of our body heat as a result of our heads. Or do we?

Really, we don’t. The aged “You reduce the most warmth from your noggin” misunderstanding traces its historical past again to the 1970s, when an military survival manual made the daring claim that some 40 to 45 p.c of your physique warmth escapes by way of your head. So the place did the guide writers get these kinds of a staggering stat?

In this episode of Misconceptions, Psychological Floss host Justin Dodd is answering that question and tackling some other prevalent myths and misunderstandings about the human human body. Even some of the most primary “facts” are a very little additional sophisticated than your grade college teachers could have led you to feel. Choose, for example, the senses. You in all probability realized that individuals have 5: style, contact, sight, scent, and listening to. But up to date researchers have determined some a lot more (nevertheless, as considerably as we know, none of them involve viewing lifeless folks).

Study a lot more in the online video beneath, and subscribe to the Psychological Floss YouTube channel for long term illuminating videos.

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