CPRI full form

CPRI: – Central Power Research Institute

The power house of the Indian electrical industry Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) was set up in 1960 with Bangalore as its headquarters. Under the aegis of the Ministry of Power, The Institute was re-organized into an autonomous Society in the year 1978. The main objective of setting up the Institute is to function as a centre for applied research in electrical power engineering assisting the electrical industry in quality assurance and product development. Besides, CPRI also serves as a self-governing authority for testing and certification of power equipment. The Institute now has six facilities at Kolkata, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Guwahati and Noida .

CPRI’s governing body includes distinguished professionals from government of India, prominent academic institutions & industries and utilities.   CPRI has made momentous contributions to the Indian power sector for improved planning, operation and control of power systems with its state-of-the art infrastructure and expertise. In addition to in-house R&D, CPRI also embark on sponsored research projects from manufacturers and other agencies in different areas of specialization. R&D projects of different dimensions are executed under 4 schemes i.e. IHRD (or In House Research and Development), NPP (R&D under National

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