Discover The Largest Snake Ever Found In Georgia!

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Ga is regarded for its attractive landscape.

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Even though the point out of Ga is most identified for its magnificence and delicious peaches, it is also home to numerous animals, which include about 46 distinct species of snakes. Never fear though, a incredibly tiny amount of these snakes are venomous. In reality, most of these snakes are fairly harmless. Several are just intriguing to search at, regardless of whether they are significant or small. But what is the major snake ever to be observed in Ga? Let us discover out!

Snakes that are Indigenous to Georgia

Lake Blackshear Georgia
Snakes can be identified all about the condition of Georgia, even in the h2o.

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A few venomous snakes that are native to Ga contain the copperhead snake, the Japanese diamondback rattlesnake, the cottonmouth snake, the pygmy rattlesnake, the timber rattlesnake, and the Japanese coral snake. When these snakes are both of those venomous and most likely unsafe, they do not make up most of the inhabitants of snakes that reside in Georgia. Some of the other unique species that dwell in Georgia are indigo snakes, ribbon snakes, drinking water snakes, rat snakes, milk snakes, and lots of much more. Although most of these snakes are common in size, some can get really massive. Let us see what snake is reported to be the greatest in this attractive state!

The Premier Snake Ever Observed In Georgia

Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon couperi) isolated on white background.
The longest snake in Georgia was an Jap indigo snake measuring about 9 toes prolonged!


A short while ago, an indigo snake was uncovered in Georgia that totaled up to 7 toes and 7 inches in duration. On the other hand, it is not the most significant recorded. The greatest snake ever recorded in Ga was an Eastern indigo snake, but this just one grew up to 9 toes and 2 inches! US indigenous snakes typically reach an common of 5-7 feet in length. Plainly, this gorgeous beast topped the charts. And, not only was it the major snake located in Georgia, but it was also the major Eastern indigo snake at any time to be recorded!

About the Indigo Snake

Eastern Indigo Snake lying on sand. Some of these snakes have cream or orange-red on its cheeks, chin, and throat.
Jap indigo snakes are non-venomous.

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The Japanese indigo snake is a huge, non-venomous snake that belongs to the Colubridae loved ones. Although this snake is wild, it can be bought as a home pet. Because of to their sizing, they are inclined to rarely have purely natural predators n the wild. Having said that, hawks, alligators, and even other indigo snakes have been recognised to prey on them. Luckily, its conservation position is of least issue, although it is reducing.


The ordinary size of Eastern indigo snakes is approximately 5-7 feet. They can also weigh up to 10 lbs! They have thick, prolonged bodies with scaled-down heads and thin tails. Several of these snakes having said that have often reached up to 8 ft in length! They are the longest snake native to the United States and are usually observed on the east coastline. They are plentiful in Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida since they prefer moist forests and swamps. No wonder the major specimen was observed in Georgia it has 7 million acres of swampy wetlands! This generates the excellent habitat for these very long, heavy-bodied, fellows!


The Eastern indigo snake is a long, somewhat thin snake with large smooth blue-black scales that are iridescent purple in the light.
The Eastern indigo snake is a lengthy, fairly slim snake with massive easy blue-black scales.

Patrick K. Campbell/W3educational institutions

Eastern indigo snakes may be the premier snakes native to the region, but they are also incredibly spectacular! These snakes are blueish-black in color and have cheeks, throats, and heads that are typically crimson or brown but can also be white. Their scales are normally glossy and sometimes can reflect a purple and black shade.


As for actions, they are typically not risky and commonly do not pose a risk to animals or humans. In fact, they often keep away from direct make contact with and will only attack or chunk when threatened. As for their prey, they are likely to assault aggressively. If a particular person or pet does get bitten by an indigo snake, the bite can be painful but is fortunately not venomous.

Diet regime

Eastern indigo snakes are carnivores and ordinarily try to eat their prey following they assault them, swallowing them headfirst. Their diet is made up of turtles, lizards, frogs, smaller birds, compact mammals, and even other snakes. They are terrestrial snakes that usually expose and chase down their prey. From time to time they even climb trees in pursuit of their next meal. More youthful snakes will prey on invertebrates when grownup indigo snakes will press their prey in opposition to a construction just before biting and devouring. They commonly will not constrict unless of course their prey is a great deal much larger and inclined to place up a combat. They have even been recognised to consume venomous snakes!


Japanese indigo snakes are terrestrial snakes that principally hunt on the ground but can climb trees and shrubs. They inhabit pine flat woods and hardwood forests, moist grounds, and places that surround forest-crammed swamps. As for geographical locations, you are far more possible to uncover them in southeastern parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Ga, and rather a great deal all of Florida. Though they inhabit swamps, they also favor well-drained soils of sandhills.

In Conclusion

Eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon couperi) lyin in grass. The Eastern Indigo Snake is the longest snake in America.

Patrick K. Campbell/W3schools

Several years ago, the Eastern indigo snake was approximately categorized as a threatened species thanks to the reduction of habitats. Fortunately, it is now a species of The very least Worry. Whilst this snake is typically harmless, make guaranteed to be conscious of your environment if you place just one in the wild. Make it possible for it to retreat and continue on its way, or just leave the region as protected as attainable. If you are wanting to own this snake as a pet, maintain in head it requires sufficient habitats and feeding schedules. In captivity, it is known to produce anorexia if not fed appropriately and consistently. These are wonderful creatures that are critical to our ecosystem, so it is ideal to treatment for them in any way feasible!

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