Discover The Largest Whitetail Deer Ever Recorded

A single of the most breathtaking and distinctive deer in the entire world is the white-tailed deer. Quickly apparent by the white tails that they are named for, white-tailed deer are one of the most frequent species of deer in the complete United States. Although not as large as some of the other members of the deer spouse and children, white-tailed deer are nonetheless recognized for the outstanding size that bucks can get to. But just how huge can they be? Join us as we uncover the biggest whitetail deer at any time recorded!

Dimension and Visual appeal

A white-tailed deer standing in a meadow
Male white-tail deer are considerably bigger than girls and have unique antlers.

Paul Tessier/W3faculties

Also acknowledged as Virginia deer, white-tail deer (Odocoileus virginianus) are native to North The united states and huge pieces of South The usa. In actuality, they are the most common deer in the US, with Texas having just one of the most significant populations. There are 26 subspecies of white-tailed deer, and 17 of them come about in North The usa on your own. White-tailed deer have also been launched to Europe, New Zealand, and the Caribbean. They are really adaptable and reside in a range of forests, grassland, and cropland. White-tailed deer are herbivorous ruminants and invest a great deal of their working day foraging for crops, shoots, leaves, and grass.

White-tailed deer are reddish-brown all through the spring and summer months months but flip greyish brown during the winter season. Even so, they are finest distinguished by their tails which have a white underside to them. White-tailed deer tend to raise their tail when they are disturbed, which makes the white underside more noticeable. On the entire, they are medium-sized deer, but their measurement can vary commonly relying on their spot. White-tailed deer are typically 37 to 87 inches extended, and their tails can be up to 15 inches. Males can weigh everything involving 150 and 300 kilos on typical, with the major men and women reaching 500 pounds. Women are ordinarily smaller sized than males and weigh in between 90 and 200 lbs .. Nonetheless, the size of white-tailed deer corresponds with how much from the Equator they are. In normal terms, the even further absent from the Equator, the bigger they are inclined to be.


Like virtually all-male deer, male whitetails grow antlers. Nonetheless, only about one in 10,000 of the women expand them. White-tailed deer develop their antlers in the spring, and the size and advancement price of their antlers is decided by their age and diet program. White-tailed deer can have both symmetrical or asymmetrical antlers, with symmetrical antlers staying identified as a usual antler arrangement. However, antlers that are only slightly asymmetrical can also be explained as a typical arrangement.

In the course of rutting time, the males use their antlers to spar and battle with each and every other when competing for females. The antlers are lose each winter season after mating with the women. This is so that the buck can conserve strength and a new established grows each individual spring. Antlers that have been get rid of are eaten by birds, rodents, and other carnivores as they are an superb resource of diet for them.

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The Largest Whitetail Deer ever Recorded

The largest whitetail deer ever recorded was a massive 540 pounds!
The biggest whitetail deer at any time recorded was a significant 540 lbs!

W3faculties/Harry Collins

The greatest whitetail deer ever recorded was a substantial buck that weighed an approximated 540 pounds. This huge male was shot and killed by hunter John Annett in Ontario, Canada in 1977 and is rumored to be the largest white-tail ever observed. This deer broke the earlier report, which had been held for 51 yrs. Very, this massive deer seems to be headed in the exact same course as no other white-tail has arrive near to the exact same history-breaking dimension in the 45 yrs that have handed considering that.

How do White-Tail Deer Examine?

White-tailed deer are customers of the Cervidae family, which incorporates all real deer. Other members of the relatives include things like moose, elk, and caribou. Despite the fact that white-tailed deer are noticeably more substantial than lots of other species of deer, they are by no signifies the greatest. Officially, white-tailed deer are ranked seventh in the list of most significant current cervids. Moose are the major member of the deer family and can get to a most of 1,800 lbs with a shoulder top of 7.6 toes. The other deer species which are bigger than white-tailed deer are elk, sambar deer, pink deer, caribou, and barasinga (swamp deer).

Even so, the largest recognised species of deer to at any time exist was Cervalces latifrons which lived 1.2 to .5 million years back. This large species was very comparable to the modern moose we see nowadays, and some ended up thought to achieve 8 ft at the shoulder. The common fat was 2,200 lbs, but the largest was around 2,600 kilos, producing Cervalces latifrons a comparable weight to a present day male American bison, only taller.

Habits of White-Tail Deer

white tail deer fawn
White-tail deer are born with exclusive white places which fade for the duration of their initial summer.


Adhering to mating all through the autumn rutting time, girls ordinarily give beginning in May perhaps or June. Up to three fawns are born, which are very distinctive as they are coated with breathtaking white places. For the initially thirty day period of their life, fawns keep on being concealed in the safety of vegetation. They are reliant solely on their mother’s milk throughout this to start with month, right after which they start to undertaking even further afield with their mother though foraging. Fawns are typically weaned from around 10 months outdated but continue being with their moms for up to two many years afterwards.

Because of to significant predation by people who often hunt them, white-tailed deer are commonly a extremely nervous species. As we have currently described, they increase their distinct white tail when they are disturbed. Having said that, this functions as a warning method to other deer about opportunity dangers. White-tailed deer also use a selection of various appears to connect.  Males in certain, use a exceptional sample of grunts, snorts, and wheezes to assert their dominance or to display aggression to many others.

White-tailed deer are 1 of the swiftest species of deer in the world and can access speeds of up to 30mph. Incredibly, they can also bounce up to 10 feet superior and as considerably as 30 ft in one particular leap way too! Their speed and ability to bounce generally suggests that they can outrun most of their predators. The all-natural predators of white-tailed deer include things like wolves, mountain lions, alligators, bobcats, coyotes, and bears. On the other hand, most of these predators prey generally on the quite younger, sick, or old.

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