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Rabbits are recognized equally as gentle, mild animals and as yard-ruining nuisances. Relying on what viewpoint you are coming from, they are possibly sweet or a pest. 

They are little mammals often confused for rodents, but they are lagomorphs. Lagomorphs contain pika, rabbits, and hares. They seem identical to rodents with their huge liquid eyes, twitchy noses, and whiskers but are distinct species. No matter if you very own a rabbit or a backyard, you might have some questions. Do rabbits hibernate? We’ll take a look at the remedy and handle some other people popular to this lengthy-eared lagomorph.

Rabbit Characteristics

Rabbits have potent hind legs for leaping or jogging, sharp talons for protection, and extended entrance teeth that regularly mature. When held as a pet, you have to give rabbits a large amount of strong toys to chew so that their teeth do not become overgrown. Have you ever found a rabbit yawn? It is absolutely terrifying.

Do Rabbits Get Cold?

Rabbits get cold like any other animal.

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Of system, like any animal, rabbits can get chilly. But the serious concern that should be posed is: are rabbits bothered by the cold? The remedy is largely no.

Rabbits are popular animals like foxes, squirrels, and raccoons, so they are prone to experiencing colder temperatures. They increase thick, insulated coats to support them tackle temperatures as reduced as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

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A rabbit is a burrowing animal, which means they tunnel deep into the ground and sort colonies. They pile together in significant warm heaps to snooze and generally cuddle for the reason that they experience like it. So when a rabbit is not searching for food stuff, they are snuggling up shut to their families.

Household for rabbits are throughout all continents, even Antarctica, and particular varieties do master to survive in freezing temperatures and across the tundra. Commonly talking, rabbits nevertheless don’t want to be traversing out in the snow, they’ve just learned to do it to forage what they require to are living by the wintertime.

Do Rabbits Hibernate?

No, rabbits do not hibernate. They forage year round.


If you pose this issue to a gardener, they will have the reply for you really quickly. No, rabbits do not hibernate. They are pulling up their greens and other crops all year extended. 

In point, you are more possible to see rabbits all through the wintertime for the reason that food is harder to locate. A lot of plants they take pleasure in eating, this kind of as dandelions or other flowers, are scarce in this season. So they have to go away the consolation of their burrows to sniff out foods for their families.

The phrase “breeding like rabbits” arrived about because rabbits continuously have toddlers. If there is a person rabbit in your backyard, there are numerous extra, and they all want to eat.

Rabbits can be located foraging calendar year-round. Hibernation happens for a lot of animals due to the fact their means turn out to be scarce. When their resources turn into scarce, they battle to feed themselves or their households. 

When the chilly hits, bears, and squirrels hibernate, which is a deep snooze. This hibernation conserves energy and indicates they have to eat much less. We know that squirrels tend to squirrel away nuts and other foods things in trees for the winter. They wake up now and yet again to eat this food items. 

Rabbits take in new vegetables and crops, which spoil rapidly, so they cannot seriously stash foods. They have also adjusted in excess of the millennia to be capable to hunt out and come across the nourishment they will need to endure the wintertime with out hibernation. 

This often entails raiding a backyard, so the trope of gardeners hating rabbits exists. They have adapted in any way they can to endure the harshness of wintertime devoid of needing the deep rest.

Domestic Rabbits

Brown Netherland dwarf rabbit
Domestic rabbits are a different species from wild rabbits.


Domesticated rabbits are different than wild rabbits, in truth they are a diverse species solely. They arrive in a lot more wide variety of hues and patterns and have a sweeter disposition, and are additional very likely to bond with people.

Wild rabbits are skinnier with coarser fur and have organic instincts that domestic rabbits deficiency. You really should under no circumstances launch a domestic rabbit into the wild because they would under no circumstances endure, possessing acquired none of the factors they have to have to endure.

Domesticated rabbits can endure colder temperatures like wild rabbits, but they don’t have burrows and frequently never have huge people to keep them warm. This signifies they shouldn’t be exposed to unexpected temperature drops.

If you know that a chilly snap will hit, preserve your dwelling warm and a blanket around your bunnies cage and make sure they have a lot of hay to burrow into. Far better nevertheless, make confident they have yet another rabbit companion to snuggle with.

Id eas for Proudly owning Rabbits as Pets

Pet rabbits need to have a thorough eating plan and enough stimulation in their surroundings.


Rabbits as a pet are a large amount additional tricky get the job done than individuals are likely to anticipate. They simply cannot just be remaining in a cage all day to munch on hay. They have to have time to investigate and wreck your dwelling. That is just a bit of humor, but they do have to have to be consistently stimulated, or they can get into significant hassle.

If you have a rabbit, all cords should be hidden or retained out of a rabbit’s arrive at. They need to have a in depth diet plan that contains fruits, vegetables, and balanced pellets. A continual provide of hay is also needed.

One more reality about domestic rabbits is that they need to be spayed or neutered due to the fact in any other case, they will come to be more difficulty than you can handle. After fastened, they can come to be litter educated and no longer leave trails of droppings as a result of your house.

Equally wild and domestic, Rabbits are interesting creatures to discover about. They do not hibernate and are pretty much normally foraging for one thing to munch or assistance trim their tooth. 

If you see wild rabbits in the wintertime, really don’t fret, they really do not require something from you. They are just on the hunt for their following meal and will be harmless and warm soon more than enough.


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