Gazelle vs Impala: Key Differences Explained

Being familiar with the many groups and species of hooved ungulates worldwide can be challenging! In most Western languages, the phrases gazelle, impala, and antelope are all applied interchangeably to signify the same factor. Although it may perhaps be frequent to use the conditions to describe a deer-like animal in Africa, it isn’t rather correct. Currently, we are likely to be studying about the dissimilarities concerning a Gazelle vs Impala to see what truly makes them one of a kind. Let us get began!

Evaluating a Gazelle and an Impala

Impalas are commonly larger and only reside in southern Africa.

TaxonomyCategorised as antelopes. Belong to the genus Gazella.Categorized as antelopes. Only associates of the Aepyceros genus.
HornsMales and females.Males.
DimensionTop: In between 2-4 ft on regular.
Body weight: 26-160 lbs
Peak: 3-5 feet on regular.
Weight: 88-170 lbs
DistributionAfrica, AsiaSouthern Africa
Species17 distinctive species.Just one unique species with two regarded subspecies.

The 5 most important distinctions concerning a gazelle and an impala

The primary change in between a gazelle and an impala is that gazelles are a group of related antelope, whilst impalas are antelopes but never belong to the significant taxonomic group regarded as gazelles.

Gazelles and impalas are two animals that most folks can acknowledge ideal away. They are equivalent in visual appeal, usually are living in Africa, and seem to be similar to deer, albeit with some different biology. Nevertheless, despite these similarities, there are some unique variances amongst these animals. In reality, one particular isn’t even referring to a species, but a team of animals!

Gazelles, in reality, aren’t a single species of deer-like Bovidae that stay in Africa, they are a collectively grouped genus that includes about 17 distinctive species. Impala, on the other hand, are a single species belonging to the Aepyceros genus. Each animals are antelopes, having said that, and are fairly similar. An simple way to keep in mind their separation is this: gazelles are antelopes, but not all antelopes are gazelles. The impala is an antelope, but it is not a gazelle.

Apart from their scientific groups, gazelles and antelopes have some other variances. Specifically, their horns, sizing, and distribution. Today, we are going to just take a nearer glance at these differences to see what we can learn. Let’s get started out!

Gazelle vs Impala: Taxonomy

Gazelle vs Impala
Gazelles and impalas are both equally antelopes, but impalas really don’t belong to the gazelle genus.


As we’ve covered, gazelles are users of the Gazella genus and collectively characterize about 17 unique species. Moreover, gazelles belong to a much larger group of deer-like animals recognised as antelopes. The substantial classification of antelopes involves associates this kind of as prevalent eland, kudu, and nilgai. Gazelles are typically the smallest users of the antelope family members, and all have similar features to one particular an additional. Nevertheless, there are some discrepancies amongst the individual species.

Impalas are associates of the Aepyceros genus and the only species in the team. Like gazelles, impalas are also categorized as antelopes and are generally a little bit bigger than gazelles. There is only a single gazelle species that is identical in dimensions to the regular impala.

Gazelle vs Impala: Horns

Gazelle vs Impala
All gazelles can grow horns, but only male impalas can develop them.


Practically all users of the antelope household have horns. Unlike deer in North The united states, antelope horns under no circumstances halt rising and never fall off. In gazelles, however, there is not any sexual dimorphism when it will come to their horns. In simple fact, both equally males and ladies of the team are capable to increase horns.

One particular of the key variations that continue to keep impalas out of the gazelle team is the sexual dimorphism of the horns. Impalas have extensive horns that constantly develop, just like gazelles, but only male impalas have the ability to develop them. You can convey to female impalas from a distance owing to their deficiency of means to improve horns.

Gazelle vs Impala: Dimensions

Gazelle vs Impala
Most gazelles are a lot lesser than impalas.


There is some general discrepancy when it arrives to measuring “gazelles” due to the fact there are distinct species that can each individual measure in different ways. As a general rule, nonetheless, gazelles are the smallest members of the antelope family members. Most are among 2-3.5 toes at the shoulder and weigh amongst 26 to 100 lbs. The most significant member of the gazelle spouse and children, the dama gazelle, is the largest. They commonly weigh amongst 88 and 165 lbs.

Impalas are much larger than most gazelles and around the exact same sizing as the biggest member of the gazelle household, the dama gazelle. Most impalas stand 3-5 toes at the shoulder and weigh concerning 88 and 170 lbs. There are other antelopes, nonetheless, that are considerably larger sized than any gazelle or impala.

Gazelle vs Impala: Distribution

Gazelle vs Impala
Gazelles are living in Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia. Impalas only stay in southern Africa.

Han Olff / Resourceful Commons

The gazelle has a a great deal broader distribution than the impala. These various species principally live in continental Africa but are also uncovered in the Center East, India, and central Asia. Asiatic gazelle have their possess subgenus acknowledged as Procapra.

Impalas are completely discovered in Africa. The two regarded subspecies are living south of the Horn of Africa, starting off in Kenya. They stay by way of the bulk of the southern part of Africa. The black-faced impala inhabits a little range in the western region of southern Africa together the border of Namibia and Angola.

Gazelle vs Impala: Species

Gazelle vs Impala
There are 17 species of gazelle and only one species of impala.

slowmotiongli/W3educational institutions

The full record of gazelles is now debated. Below are the most generally determined species:

  • Thomson’s gazelle – Eudorcas thomsonii
  • Grant’s gazelle – Nager granti
  • Gerenuk – Litocranius walleri
  • Springbok – Antidorcas marsupialis

There is only 1 species of impala and two acknowledged subspecies. Also, there is a proposed six whole subspecies, but they are not broadly regarded based on DNA info. Listed here are the two subspecies:

  • Popular impala – A. m. melampus
  • Black-confronted impala – A. m. petersi

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