Git Merge and Merge Conflict

Git Merge:

Git merge is a Git command used to combine changes from multiple branches into a single branch. This operation is used to bring changes from different branches into the current branch. The merge operation can be performed on any two branches within a repository, such as local and remote branches, or two local branches.

When merging two branches, Git will compare the changes made in each branch and combine them into a single branch. If there are conflicting changes, Git will mark them as a merge conflict, and the user will need to resolve these conflicts manually.

Git Merge Conflict:

A Git merge conflict occurs when two or more branches have made conflicting changes to the same line(s) of code. During the merge operation, Git will identify these conflicting changes and stop the merge process, requiring the user to resolve the conflicts manually.

To resolve a merge conflict, the user must open the file with the conflict, identify the conflicting changes, and choose which changes to keep or discard. After resolving the conflicts, the user must stage and commit the changes, completing the merge operation.


Merging two local branches:

$ git checkout branch1
$ git merge branch2

Merging a remote branch into a local branch:

$ git checkout local-branch
$ git merge origin/remote-branch

Resolving a merge conflict:

$ git checkout branch1
$ git merge branch2
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in file.txt
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.


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