Git Remote

git remote is a Git command that is used to manage remote repository references. The main purpose of git remote is to manage connections with remote Git repositories. With git remote, you can:

  1. Show a list of all remote repository references that are stored in your Git repository
  2. Add a new remote repository reference
  3. Rename a remote repository reference
  4. Remove a remote repository reference
  5. Fetch data from a remote repository
  6. Publish local changes to a remote repository


  1. Show remote repositories: $ git remote
  2. Add remote repository: $ git remote add <shortname> <url>
  3. Rename remote repository: $ git remote rename <oldname> <newname>
  4. Remove remote repository: $ git remote rm <name>
  5. Fetch data from remote repository: $ git fetch <remote>
  6. Publish local changes to remote repository: $ git push <remote> <branch>


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