Hello world java program

As we have discussed all required detail to develop and execute a java program. Let us start java programming with first simple java program to print “Hello World”.

Create Hello world java program:


 * This program is used to print "Hello World".
 * @author W3spoint
public class HelloWorld {
      public static void main(String args[]){
            //This line will print "Hello World".
            System.out.println("Hello World.");


Hello World.

Download this example.

To understand above java program better let us have a brief look on it:

1. class: is a keyword used to declare a class with specific name.

2. public: is an access modifier.

3. static: is a keyword which can be used with class, method, variable/constant , block. If it is used with a method that method is known as static method. For static method invocation no need for object creation , method will be associate with class.

4. void : return type of the method , void means it does not return any value.

5. main : method is invoked by JVM, as it is static no need to create an object. It represent the program’s startup.

6. String args[] : represents the array of String type which is used in command line arguments.

7. System.out.println():

1. System is a final class and its all members are static.

2. out is a public final static  member of System class. out is of PrintStream type.

3. println() is the method of PrintStream class.
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