Historical Events for 28th June 2022


1119 – Fight of Sarmada – Emir Ilghazi defeats French Crusaders 1936 – Japanese puppet state of Mengjiang is shaped in northern China 1939 – Pan Am opens southern route transatlantic air company (Dixie Clipper) 1953 – US Open up Women’s Golf, CC of Rochester: Betsy Rawls wins an 18-gap Sunday playoff by 6 strokes in excess of runner-up Jackie Pung 1976 – 1st girl was admitted to Air Power Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado 1979 – OPEC raises oil selling prices 2 1984 – 17th San Diego Comic-Con International opens at Lodge San Diego 1992 – LA Police commissioner Daryl Gates steps down 2000 – Cuban exile Elián González returns to Cuba pursuing a Supreme Courtroom purchase. 2012 – NBA Draft: Kentucky center Anthony Davis first pick New Orleans Pelicans

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