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This website page is about the idiom hold it less than your hat


If someone tells you a solution and you maintain it underneath your hat, you really don’t notify everyone.

For case in point

  • I’ll only inform you if you assure to retain it underneath your hat.
  • Aunt Biddy stated she could not possibly inform me the relatives secrets because she’d pledged on her mother’s grave to maintain them below her hat.

Origin: There are at least two theories about this idiom’s origin. Just one says it’s linked to the point that archers in medieval Europe used to hold spare strings for their bows beneath their hats, with the implication getting that other issues could also be retained below one’s hat devoid of any individual being aware of about it. The other says it’s relevant to the reality that one’s head is less than one’s hat, and that to keep something beneath one’s hat simply usually means to hold it in one’s head, as opposed to spreading it about by telling all people.

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