Linux Features

Linux Features

  • Linux offers multiuser capability due to which multiple users can access the same resources like memory, hard disk, etc. at the same time but from different terminals.
  • One can perform more than one task simultaneously as Linux helps dividing the CPU handling time intelligently.
  • Linux offers Portability as it has the ability to run on different types of hardware.
  • Linux provides a hierarchical file system in which all the files and directories are arranged either alphabetically, date wise, size wise or in order of updating.
  • Linux is considered secured as it offers security in three ways. The first way is to authenticate by assigning password and login Id. Second way is to provide authorization by granting permission to read, write, edit and execute. And the third way is using encryption for converting file into an unreadable format.
  • Linux is available to all and is free.
  • Most of the Linux packages come with live USB/CD so that users can run it without any need for driver installation.
  • Linux can be converted from command line based OS to GUI based by installing packages.
  • It supports different languages keyboards as it is used worldwide.
  • Linux provides a software repository which consists of all the software users can need and many applications can be downloaded from there.

Why Use Linux

Linux is completely different and more reliable than other operating systems in following ways:

  • Custom operating systems can be designed as per the will of the programmers as it is an open source operating system.
  • A variety of programs with different features and functions are available to choose from.
  • Its security is enhanced frequently by a global development, thus it doesn’t need an anti virus. Even the big shot companies like Google and Facebook use Linux to protect their servers as it is highly reliable, secured, robust and stable.
  • It is absolutely free as you don’t have to spend a penny at any stage and can be installed in multiple systems.
  • It is a trouble free OS as users will not face any issues with their computer’s slowing down or viruses attacking.


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