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Jaksyn Peacock

Study about the famed horror writer from the 19th century.

Pre-listening vocabulary

  • critic: a particular person who provides their views about something
  • horror: a genre of storytelling that takes advantage of concern
  • grieve: to come to feel soreness after someone’s demise
  • praise: positive responses about a little something
  • renowned: renowned, properly-acknowledged
  • dispute: disagreement about something

Listening exercise

Gapfill workout

Comprehension questions

See solutions underneath

  1. Edgar Allan Poe was from
    a. England
    b. the United States
    c. France
  2. When Poe printed his very first poetry selection, he was
    a. 9 several years previous
    b. 18 decades old
    c. 27 many years previous
  3. In 1845, Poe posted
    a. “The Raven”
    b. “The Convey to-Tale Heart”
    c. “The Black Cat”

Dialogue/essay questions

  1. A lot of of Poe’s tales and poems are pretty dim and disturbing. Do you like horror tales? Why do you believe they attractiveness to men and women?


Edgar Allan Poe was an American author and literary critic. He is regarded for his horror stories and poems. Poe was born in 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. He started out composing poetry when he was a little one, and he printed his initially collection of poems in 1827, at age 18. Even so, his early get the job done was not extremely effective. In 1845, Poe published his well-known poem “The Raven”, about a grieving person who satisfies a chatting raven. This piece received a whole lot of praise, and Poe became renowned for his storytelling. Even now, he was hardly ever compensated significantly cash for his do the job. He also struggled with alcoholism for numerous several years. Poe’s demise in 1849 was virtually as mysterious as his stories. Even currently, there is dispute about what actually took place to him.

Answers to comprehension concerns

1b 2b 3a

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