Listen&Learn: The History of Morse Code


Jaksyn Peacock

Discover about the intercontinental conversation system.

Pre-listening vocabulary

  • telegraph: a device that communicates a message by sending out pulses
  • often: typically
  • transmit: to ship anything someplace else
  • variation: a different variation of a thing
  • obsolete: no lengthier valuable
  • distress: hazard

Listening action

Gapfill workout

Comprehension queries

See answers down below

  1. The inventor of Morse code was
    a. British
    b. Canadian
    c. American
  2. The easiest letters in Morse code have been
    a. letters in close proximity to the starting of the alphabet
    b. letters generally found at the starting of text
    c. letters utilized regularly in English
  3. Through the 20th century, Morse code was nevertheless utilised in
    a. daily communication
    b. armed service functions
    c. business enterprise

Dialogue/essay questions

  1. Why may it be practical to know a common code? Do you consider there are any modern employs for Morse code?


Morse code is an alphabet that takes advantage of combos of dots and dashes to depict letters. American inventor Samuel Morse established the code in the 1830s as a way to connect by way of an electric powered telegraph. He built it so that letters utilized commonly in English would be simpler to transmit. The letter ‘E’ was the most straightforward, represented by a single dot. As the telegraph turned common in several nations, a variation of Morse code with accented letters was established so that persons who did not communicate English could use it. Inevitably, the creation of the phone designed the telegraph obsolete in every day conversation. However, militaries continued to use Morse code in wartime through the 20th century. In actuality, SOS grew to become a common distress signal mainly because it was quick to transmit as a result of Morse code.

Solutions to comprehension thoughts

1c 2c 3b

Penned and recorded by Jaksyn Peacock for W3faculties


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