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Jaksyn Peacock

Study about the renowned engage in by Samuel Beckett.

Pre-listening vocabulary

  • tragicomedy: a kind of enjoy that tells a critical tale with humourous elements
  • subvert: to adjust the way one thing is commonly finished
  • critic: anyone who offers their view about a little something
  • allegory: a text that has a hidden meaning underneath the literal tale it tells
  • mundane: uninteresting, normal

Listening action

Gapfill physical exercise

Comprehension questions

See responses underneath

  1. The author of Waiting for Godot was
    a. French
    b. Irish
    c. English
  2. The perform is thought of a
    a. romance
    b. tragicomedy
    c. tragedy
  3. Waiting around for Godot grew to become well known since
    a. it criticized faith
    b. it subverted popular engage in buildings
    c. it explained to an epic tale

Dialogue/essay queries

  1. Do you like tales with interesting plots or believed-provoking ideas?


Waiting around for Godot is a 1952 engage in by Irish writer Samuel Beckett. Beckett initially wrote the enjoy in French, and translated it into English a number of a long time afterwards. It is thought of a tragicomedy. The play is about two adult males, Vladimir and Estragon, who talk to every single other though they wait for a male named Godot to meet them. Godot never comes. Waiting around for Godot turned renowned for subverting common play buildings. Other than the discussions between Vladimir and Estragon, not much occurs in the participate in. A lot of men and women have viewpoints about the concealed indicating of the story. Some critics believe that Waiting around for Godot is a spiritual allegory, and that Godot represents God. Other people think that the perform signifies the mundane parts of daily life, and that Godot represents loss of life

Answers to comprehension inquiries

1b 2b 3b

Prepared and recorded by Jaksyn Peacock for W3schools


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