New Insights into the Exploitation of BODIPY Derivatives as Organic Photocatalysts


Boron-dipyrromethene complexes (BODIPYs) are attracting a developing desire for their noteworthy photophysical qualities. Especially, their software in natural photocatalysis is acquiring specific awareness thanks to their skill to undertake the two electron and strength transfer procedures, thus performing as promising photoredox catalysts and photosensitizers. Even though the variety of examples employing these organic and natural dyes is continuously expanding, there are not so many studies that correlate their chemical composition to their photocatalytic action. In this perform, a rationally developed construction-activity partnership research was carried out by deciding upon a synthetically relevant atom transfer radical addition (ATRA) reaction as a benchmark. We demonstrated how the existence of significant atoms in the chromophore’s main turned out to be essential for reaching higher reactivity amounts. On the opposite, electron-withdrawing groups in place 8 (meso) undermined the catalytic performances, in agreement with the proposed response system.


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