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1700s quaw-bird, 1700s– qua-bird. (Show Less)
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Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: English qua  ,
Etymology: qua, imitative of the bird’s call + Compare later (Show Less)

1792   W. Bartram
(new ed.)
ii. x. 291
A. clamator, corpore subcæruleo; the quaw bird, or frogcatcher.
1799   B. S. Barton 3/2  
Night-Heron. (Qua-Bird).
1835   IV. 471  
The Night Heron or Qua Bird..is found in both the old and new world.
1855   W. Whitman in L. Untermeyer
Water-pheasant and qua-bird and pied-sheldrake.
1890   E. Gosse 115  
Thompson’s Point, the former residence of the night-heron or qua-bird.
1917   I. 194  
Black-crowned Night Heron. Nycticorax nycticorax nævius… [Also called] American Night Heron; Qua-bird; Quawk.

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