Top 10 Amazing Animals That Are Endangered and Living in Mississippi

Variable Cuckoo Bumblebee:The variable cuckoo bumblebee is a critically endangered species. Conservationists know little about this species’ population.

Southern Plains Bumblebee:They are pretty large, with queens measuring around 0.97 – 1.07 inches and workers reaching 0.56 – 0.75 inches.

Snuffbox Mussel:The snuffbox mussels’ scientific name is Epioblasma triquetra. They are part of the Unionidae family of freshwater mussels.

Scalloped Hammerhead:The scalloped hammerhead is a hammerhead shark species currently listed as Critically Endangered.

Pearl River Map Turtle:These turtles were listed as Endangered in 2010 because available information suggested that their population had decreased by 80 – 98% since 1950.

Pascagoula Map Turtle:The Pascagoula map turtle lives only in the Pascagoula River in the United States, which is located in southeastern Mississippi and spans 472 miles.

Pallid Sturgeon:These fish are close relatives of shovelnose sturgeons, except that they’re much larger, reaching 60 inches in length and 85 pounds in weight.

Blacknose Shark:The blacknose shark, which belongs to the Carcharhinidae family, is a requiem shark that lives in tropical and subtropical waters at depths ranging from 59 to 210 feet. 

Arogos Skipper:The arogos skipper, or beard-grass skipper, is a butterfly that is part of the Hesperiidae family. The insect has a wingspan of 1.1 – 1.4 inches and a yellowish-brown body.

Alabama Red-Bellied Cooter:The Alabama red-bellied cooter is a turtle in the Emydidae family. Its scientific name is Pseudemys alabamensis. 

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