Top 10 Best Asparagus Companion Plants

Zinnias:Zinnias attract pollinators and good insects that eat pests. They attract parasitic wasps, ladybugs, and praying mantises. 

Tomatoes:Tomatoes make for excellent companion plants for asparagus. This is because they are in the nightshade family and emit solanine.

Petunias:They’re super easy to grow and attract pollinators while repelling pests like caterpillars and beetles. Plus, they make your garden look absolutely stunning!

Parsley:Parsley, like basil, provides food and shelter for beneficial insects. It also repels the asparagus beetle and a few other pests, like the tomato hornworm. 

Marigolds:Marigolds are a great crop to grow with asparagus because they produce gorgeous, edible flowers. They repel pests like worms, whiteflies, and the enemy of tomato plants: nematodes.

Grapes:Grapes grow vertically on trellis systems, while asparagus grows in the ground. Both plants are perennials, so they will grow together for many years without replanting. 

Dill:Dill is a beautiful, versatile herb. Its flowers bring beneficial insects which help with pest control for asparagus plants. 

Coriander: The strong scent it gives off helps to deter insects. Coriander also has a shallow root system, so it won’t compete with the asparagus plants for water or nutrients.

Comfrey:Comfrey can help asparagus by adding nutrients like nitrogen to the soil. It also boosts pollinator activity in your garden, which in turn will help your asparagus plants. 

Basil:Basil is a great companion plant for almost any plant. That’s because of its pest-control properties. Basil also helps with attracting beneficial insects like predatory wasps by providing food and shelter for them.

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