Top 10 Best Books About Egyptian Mythology

Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt:The title gives the content away. It is indeed a comprehensive overview of the origins and roles of Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt:The author wrote it from a theological standpoint, and the book thoroughly explores the concept of deity and divinity in ancient Egyptian religion.

Egyptian Book of the Dead:The Book of the Dead is a monumentally significant funeral literature in Ancient Egyptian religion written during the New Kingdom.

Egyptian Mythology:The 272-page book features an A-Z section that describes key mythical figures, symbols, concepts, and places. It also includes black-and-white illustrations.

Pantheon:The book portrays some significant events in Egyptian mythology in a straightforward manner, such as how Amun created the universe and the epic of how Osiris came to rule the underworld. 

Tales of Ancient Egypt:Roger Lancelyn Green’s Tales of Ancient Egypt has a compilation of tales that go beyond those centered around gods. 

The Kane Chronicles:The Kane Chronicles is a New York Times bestselling trilogy by the critically-acclaimed Rick Riordan. The Red Pyramid,  The Throne of Fire, and The Serpent’s Shadow are three books in the series.

The Killing Moon: The Killing Moon is the first half of the Dreamblood duology, published in 2012 to critical praise.

The Mind of Egypt:this book allows readers to view ancient Egypt through the lens of ancient Egyptians. It spans almost all of predynastic to post-pharaonic Ancient Egyptian history.

Treasury of Egyptian Mythology:The award-winning Donna Napoli collaborated with the accomplished illustrator Christina Balit to create one of our favorite mythology books for kids.