Top 10 Biggest Lakes in South Dakota

Lake Poinsett:Lake Poinsett spans nearly 8,000 acres, and is not only one of the state’s largest but also one of the most visited.

Bitter Lake:Bitter was once a little duck slough, but years of heavy rain have transformed it into one of the state’s massive bodies of water.

Lake Traverse :Lake Traverse sits at the southern part of Hudson Bay watershed of North America, sitting on the border between Minnesota and South Dakota. 

Shadehill Reservoir:Shadehill Reservoir is a reservoir on the Grand River in Perkins County, South Dakota, that was built in 1951 by the US Bureau of Reclamation’s Shadehill Dam.

Lake Oahe:Lake Oahe is the largest lake in South Dakota by surface area and the country’s fourth-largest reservoir by volume. It is nestled in the central South Dakota and stretches into North Dakota to the north.

Lake Francis Case:The lake, spread in the counties of Charles Mix, Gregory, Lyman, Brule, and Buffalo, is the eleventh-largest reservoir in the United States. 

Lake Thompson:Lake Thompson is the sixth-largest lake in South Dakota and one of the country’s largest natural lake, located in Kingsbury County.

Lake Kampeska:Lake Kampeska is an inland glacial lake with a surface area of 5,250 acres. It is entirely within Codington County and the Coteau des Prairies, located west-northwest of Watertown, South Dakota.

Lake Sharpe:Lake Sharpe, which spans five counties and has a surface size of 56,884 acres, is one of the state’s largest reservoirs. 

Big Stone Lake:Big Stone Lake is a long, slim freshwater lake in the United States that is on the border between western Minnesota and northeastern South Dakota.

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