Top 10 Birds With the Strongest and Best Eyesight

Tawny Owl:Owls have binocular vision, and this means that they can see images in three dimensions. This, combined with the position of their eyes on the front of their face, means that they also have a wide range of vision.

Peregrine Falcon:There are 63 species of falcons in the world and, like the other birds of prey on the list, they have superior eyesight. 

Kingfisher:Kingfishers prey on a wide range of animals, including fish, which they catch by swooping down and snatching it up.

Harris Hawk:Hawks are birds of prey that can be found right across the world, with species inhabiting every continent except Antarctica. 

Great Blue Heron:Also making the list of birds with the strongest eyesight is the great blue heron. Herons have powerful eyesight which is around three times stronger than our own, as well as incredible depth perception.

European Robin:The magnetic field appears as a light or dark spot that is overlaid over the bird’s regular vision and is extremely useful for navigation while traveling long distances.

Broad-Tailed Hummingbird:Another bird that you might be surprised to see on the list is the broad-tailed hummingbird. However, hummingbirds can see a much broader range of colors than we can.

Black Vulture:There are 23 different species of vultures. These are divided into two categories — New World and Old World — depending on their location. 

Bald Eagle:They have 20/5 vision which means that, in comparison to our own eyes, bald eagles can see objects from 20 feet away that we are only able to see from a distance of five feet.

American Woodcock:American woodcocks are relatively small birds at 10 to 12 inches long but have large eyes in relation to their size.

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