Top 10 Cheeses That Start With P

Provolone:Today, this Italian cheese is now quite popular worldwide. However, it got its start sometime around the tail end of the 1800s in southern Italy. 

Picodon:This goat’s milk cheese hails from the Rhône region in southern France. There are at least six main varieties of this cheese in France, each with varying flavors, weights, and aging times.

Perail:This French cheese is easy to recognize thanks to its pale, wrinkly rind. It is soft and derived from ewe’s milk. Its region of origin is Aveyron in southern France.

Pepper Jack:Pepper Jack is native to none other than California. It was originally produced as Monterey Jack cheese by Franciscan friars starting in the 1800s in Alta, California.

Pélardon:This traditional cheese uses goat’s milk. Its origins are in the Cévennes mountain range in south-central France. 

Pecorino Romano:This sheep’s milk cheese is hard and salty. It is most commonly used for grating over a variety of foods, such as pasta and salads. It takes at least five months to age properly. 

 Passendale:There are a few different versions of it in Belgium: the classic, prelude, and the premium Passendale Bel Age, which gets aged for six months for a richer taste.

Parmigiano Reggiano:Also known simply as Parmesan, this popular Italian cheese has a wide range of uses. Most commonly, it is grated over pastas, salads, and soups. 

Parenica:This lesser-known traditional Slovakian cheese is made into long, thin strips. The strips are then rolled into the spirals you see above. 

Paneer:This unique Indian cheese does not go through the aging process. Actually, it’s a soft, fresh, acid-set cheese derived from either cow or buffalo milk. 

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