Top 10 Coldest Places in Oregon

Wickiup Reservoir Dam: The average low annual temperature for this area is just 32 °F. It is near Pendleton, which experiences temperatures below freezing every winter. 

Three Lynx:The village of Three Lynx experienced the lowest temperatures ever in 1985, dropping below freezing in the middle of May that year.

Seneca:The coldest place in Oregon with the lowest low is Seneca, in Grant County. With an annual average high of 57 °F, the average low is just 24 °F. 

Newport: It has an average low of 44 °F throughout the year, but the winters usually drop in December before rising above freezing temperatures again by March. 

Howard Prairie Lake:It is 4,500 feet above sea level, and low temperatures usually stay below freezing until April each year at about 21° F.

Honeyman State Park:The lowest temperature recorded at Honeyman State Park was nine °F on December 8, 1972. The yearly low is 44 °F, with an average high of only 14 degrees warmer.

Hart Mountain :At the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge, the average annual low temperature is 31 °F with an average high of 59 °F. Situated on Hart Mountain.

Government Camp:Government Camp is at the bottom of Mount Hook, allowing it to accrue an incredible amount of show during colder months. 

Crater Lake National Park:Crater Lake Park is almost the coldest place in Oregon, with an average high of 48 °F and an average low of 28 °F. 

Astoria:Astoria is Oregon’s oldest city, situated along the Columbia River. Like many areas in this list near bodies of water, temperatures get incredibly low in the winter.