Top 10 Fish That Start with U

 Undulated Moray:Found in the Indo-Pacific region of the seas, the undulated moray is a species of eel that has colorful yellow, green scales.

Undulate Painted Ray:This species of ray primarily lives in the Mediterranean Sea, but you may also find it in the North Atlantic near Ireland and England and all the way to South Africa.

Underjaw Kingfish:The underjaw kingfish, which has several other names, makes its home in tropical or warm regions of oceans. Specifically, it lives in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

Umbrella Conger:The umbrella conger resides at the sandy bottom of the Pacific Ocean, usually near Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand. 

Umbrella Cichlid:They usually eat insects and crustaceans and when they breed, it’s usually because of the excess of water from the heavy rains.

U-Mark Sandperch:The U-mark sandperch generally calls home areas around Southern Japan and Australia, near Queensland. They inhabit lagoons and their food consists of smaller fish and invertebrates. 

Ulrey’s Tetra:This is a very colorful fish that is common to find in aquariums across the world. Originally from Paraguayan waters, the Ulrey’s tetra is a small fish that loves hot temperatures. 

Ukrainian Brook Lamprey:This fish is a species of lamprey that lives mainly in the Balkan region of Europe, as well as Eastern Europe. 

Uganda Nothobranch:This species of fish resides in Kenya and Uganda. It’s a freshwater fish that is small and known for its bright colors, usually red or blue.

Uaru:The uaru is a weird-looking, triangle-shaped fish. Uaru means toad in the Amazonian language. The fish lives in the Orinoco and Amazon rivers of South America. 

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