Top 10 Incredible Birds That Start With U

Ural Owl:The Ural owl is characterized by its large size, gray-and-white plumage, and wide, pale face without distinctive markings.

Upland Pipit:The upland pipit is a relatively large pipit species. It has fine dark streaks all across its body, accompanied by paler underparts.

Upland Buzzard:The upland buzzard holds the distinction of being the largest buzzard species worldwide, possessing a striking resemblance to a blend of buzzard and eagle due to its impressive wingspan and tail size.

 Upcher’s Warbler:The Upcher’s warbler, a medium-sized bird, bears a resemblance in size to the icterine warbler but can be distinguished by its slightly longer bill, shorter wings, and elongated tail.

Unstreaked Tit-Tyrant:The unstreaked tit-tyrant showcases a brownish gray body with distinguishing features such as a black eyeline and crown, and a white eyebrow.

Uniform Crake:The uniform crake is a brown bird with striking rufous underparts, a bill that displays a dull greenish-yellowish shade, and legs that are reddish in color.

Unicolored Jay:The aptly named unicolor jay has only one color on its entire body. It has a consistent deep-blue coloration and is primarily found in highland evergreen and pine-evergreen forests. 

Unicolored Blackbird:This blackbird is indigenous to South America. Its melodic song consists of a rattling sound followed by a delightful series of trills.

Unicolored Antwren:This bird is recognized for its lively behavior and regular companionship with groups of different species. The unicolored Antwren is found exclusively in southeastern Brazil.

Ultramarine Flycatcher:The ultramarine flycatcher is a stunning bird recognized by the deep blue coloration on its upper body. 

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