Top 10 Incredible Black Widow Spider Facts

1 : There are brown-colored widow spiders as well as red-colored ones. They also have varying shapes, and frankly, that’s to be expected from a genus with over 30 species.

2 : black widow spiders are much larger than their male counterparts. Their venom is much stronger, and their bites are more effective. 

3 :  They are known for releasing neurotoxins that are powerful enough to cause excruciating pain, muscle cramps, hypertension, and weakness, but not death. 

4 : Besides that, female black widow spiders also sometimes murder their mates once mating is done.

5 : While we have established that sexual cannibalism amongst black widow spiders is not very common, male black widows take no chances.

6 : Black widows are adept producers of insanely strong silk web, and the strength of these webs are a result of the tons of quality properties present in them.

7 : They prefer to be outdoors amidst woodlands, temperate forests, piles of wood, as well as outdoor garages and basements.

8 : Male black widow spiders jump on this opportunity to get nasty by cutting and rearranging the females’ web so as to cut off their sensibilities and thereafter approach them for a mating session.

9 : There is a detailed study by Canadian researchers that states that the northernmost range of black widow spiders has increased by up to 31 miles in the last 55-60 years.

10 :  They are often hatched together, and scientists have observed that the largest among them would sometimes stealthily eat up the smallest ones.

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