Top 10 Incredible Ferret Facts

1 : The common ferret has domesticated over 2,500 years ago and derives from the European polecat. There are wild ferrets that are often referred to as black-footed ferrets.

2 : The scientific name for ferrets is Mustela putorius furo which can translate to a few different terms such as “funny little thief” or more commonly, “stinky thieving weasel”.

3 : Ferrets are most active at dawn and at dusk, so their natural sleeping schedule is adjusted to the time in-between early mornings and early evenings.

4 : All ferret babies are born without fur. When the fur begins to come in, it comes in as white. 

5 : Ferrets aren’t the only name for them. Many other names are given to them based on their age and whether they are male or female. 

6 : One of the many interesting things about domesticated ferrets is that they are sometimes stinky. This is because their anal glands secrete a smell to make their territory.

7 : These guys love to run around, chase things, go through tunnels, burrow, and jump. It is said that let ferrets should have a maximum of 4 hours of playtime per day during their active hours.

8 : The actual term for this is called the weasel war dance and is often displayed when they are excited or when they sense a threat is near.

9 : Also popular in England, ferret racing originated in the USA when ferrets were used to haul light lines through long gas pipelines that were being laid out through the desert.

10 : In most states throughout the US, owning a ferret is both legal and common. However, in some places such as Hawaii, New York City, and Washington DC, it is illegal to keep a ferret as a pet. 

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