Top 10 Incredible Hippopotamus Facts

1 : Now that’s something you surely didn’t know! Scientists think that the hippopotamus is the closest relative to cetaceans.

2 :  Each of its tusks weighs up to approximately 6.6 pounds. Even more, the mammal can open its mouth to 150 degrees.

3 : The body secretes an oily substance that keeps the skin moisturized, prevents sunburn, and has anti-bacterial properties. 

4 : They’re just galloping through the water. They have developed an automatic system of getting their heads above the water to breathe. 

5 : They are very aggressive and unpredictable, so people are advised to take great care if they somehow end up in an area close to hippos.

6 : Hippos are large mammals, indeed. But to delight in 60 pounds of food a night? That’s a lot! That’s just how it is! After 16 hours underwater, they get out and start looking for food. 

7 : While hippos are considered one of the most dangerous animal species on Earth, there are still some animals that can kill them. 

8 : The hippopotamus is not a social animal and does not develop social bonds. An exception is the relationship between mothers and daughters. 

9 : The hippopotamus has an average lifespan of 40 to 50 years. However, two known hippos in the world lived much beyond that number. 

10 : Even though it hasn’t been as popular in Europe because it’s not a common animal on the continent, there’s still an iconic oil painting signed by Peter Paul Rubens’ called “The Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt.” 

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