Top 10 Most Flood-Prone Towns in Texas

Austin:Austin is one of the most flood-prone towns in Texas. This sprawling city is in Central Texas, where the eastern coastal plains meet the western Hill Country.

Dallas:Dallas is popular for its on-the-move lifestyle, soaring skyscrapers, and rich history. However, this town is also prone to flooding.

Falfurrias:Falfurrias is the county seat of Brooks County. This town has a population of approximately 4,981 individuals. 

Galveston:Galveston is surrounded by water, with the Gulf of Mexico to the south and Galveston Bay to the north.

Harlingen:The city of Harlingen in South Texas is one of the most flood-prone towns in the state because it sits along the Gulf of Mexico.

New Braunfels:New Braunfels, located close to San Antonio, is famous for the Guadalupe and Comal rivers that snake through gorgeous parks like Cypress Bend and Landa.

Orange:Orange is one of the most flood-prone towns in Texas. For example, in 2017, the town was struck by Hurricane Harvey, causing severe flooding throughout the state and the country. 

Port Lavaca:Port Lavaca is a town in Calhoun County, Texas. Unfortunately, this charming little town experiences severe flooding. Flooding is dependent on the waves.

Rockport:Rockport sits on the western shore of the Gulf of Mexico and Aransas Bay. This town is a popular tourist destination.

San Antonio:San Antonio is located in the Texas Hill Country and has a vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural history.