Top 10 Purple Fruits

Plums:Plums are part of the Rosaceae, or rose family. There are two main varieties of plums — European or Asian.

Passion Fruit:The purple variety of passion fruit is native to Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Brazil is the leading consumer and producer of passion fruits.

Figs:Figs are one of the oldest fruits in the world, and many believe that it was figs, not apples, that were in the Garden of Eden.

Elderberries:Elderberries are one of the few berries that are poisonous while unripe. The fruit, along with the leaves and stems are full of a compound called cyanogenic glycosides.

Eggplants:Eggplants are a type of nightshade, along with potatoes, tomatoes, and some of the more poisonous varieties (like deadly nightshade). 

Cranberries:Cranberries are one of the six symbols of Thanksgiving. That’s why you often see cranberry jam or sauce at the table during November. 

Concord Grapes:One particular aspect of Concord grapes that makes them unique is the fact that they’re “slip skin” grapes. 

Chokeberries:Chokeberries belong to the Rosacea family along with roses, plums, and cherries. They are native to North America and grow in swampy habitats.

Blueberries:Blueberries are a type of true berry, and despite being called “blue”, the berries are actually purple. They are one of the few commercial crops that are native to North America. 

Blackberries:Blackberries are high in antioxidants, containing more than almost any other food. They also pack a supply of fiber and vitamins C, E, and K.

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