Top 10 Rappers from London in 2023

Heading 1

Headie One: Headie One has risen to prominence with his drill-influenced sound and streetwise lyricism.

Skepta: Skepta remains a key player in London's grime and rap landscape. As a veteran artist, his influence extends globally.

Stormzy: Stormzy's impact on the UK rap scene persists in 2023. With his powerful delivery and socially conscious messages.

J Hus: J Hus remains a significant force with his melodic flows and distinctive style.

Little Simz: Little Simz has continued to evolve as an artist, known for her poetic lyricism and genre-defying sound.

Denzel Himself: Denzel Himself stands out for his experimental and avant-garde approach to rap.

Pa Salieu: Pa Salieu has gained attention for his eclectic style, blending elements of Afrobeat, dancehall, and rap.

Dave: Dave continues to be a dominant force in London's rap scene, known for his introspective lyricism and storytelling.

Giggs: Giggs, a veteran in the London rap scene, continues to be a respected figure. Known for his deep voice and gritty narratives.

Dizaster: Dizaster is recognized for his energetic performances, rapid flow, and relentless attack in battles.

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