Top 10 Rappers With the Best Singing Voices

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Andre 3000: As one half of OutKast, Andre 3000's smooth singing voice and versatile rapping abilities have left an indelible mark on the genre.

Drake: Drake is renowned for his ability to seamlessly blend rapping and singing in his tracks, creating a signature melodic style.

Travis Scott: Travis Scott's auto-tuned, atmospheric singing voice has played a crucial role in shaping his signature sound and aesthetic.

Frank Ocean: Frank Ocean is celebrated for his silky, R&B-influenced singing voice and his genre-blurring approach to music.

Kanye West: Kanye West's autotuned singing has become a defining aspect of his music, with tracks like "Heartless" showcasing his vocal talents.

Chance the Rapper: Chance's uplifting and gospel-inspired singing often complements his positive and introspective lyrical content.

T-Pain: T-Pain's distinctive use of autotune and melodic singing voice have made him a trailblazer in the fusion of rap and R&B.

Lauryn Hill: Lauryn Hill's soulful singing voice, coupled with her incredible rapping skills, earned her acclaim as one of the greatest artists in hip-hop history.

SZA: While primarily an R&B artist, SZA's collaborations with hip-hop artists have showcased her ability to seamlessly blend singing with rap.

Kid Cudi: Kid Cudi's unique and emotive singing voice adds depth to his music, making him a standout artist in the genre.

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