Top 10 Rarest Places in The World

Love Tunnel, Ukraine: A site right out of a fairy-tale illustration. The Tunnel of Love is a railway track connecting two cities in Ukraine. 

Marble Cathedral, General Carrera Lake: It’s like nature is the artist and the caves its canvas. Although generally an inaccessible spot, the caves are still one of the most alluring places in Chile

Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand : Known as New Zealand’s ancient natural treasure, these huge spherical rocks are found at the coast of New Zealand (at Koekohe beach).

Caño Cristales, Colombia: Cano Cristales is known as the river of 5 colours. The five colours are contributed by the red plants, black rocks, green algae, blue water and yellow sand

Spotted Lake, British Colombia, Canada: This out of the world polka dots lake is a must visit place for any tourist near the region. Be sure to visit in the summer.

Kunming Stone Forest, China: Known as one of the ‘First wonders of the world,‘ these breath-taking views can be found in Shilin town, China. These rocks, are not only aesthetically pleasing.

Coyote Buttes, Arizona/Utah: Coyote Buttes are gorgeous red sandstone figures, a prime location for people who want to hike and enjoy something out-worldly.

Glow Worm Sky, Waipu Cave, New Zealand: Talk about Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry night ‘come to life! The worms in these caves illuminate the cave ceiling with an alluring blue glow.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines: Bohol's most famous attraction, the chocolate hills are unique cone-shaped hills, that turn into chocolate kisses during the seasons.

Devils Marbles, Australia: The devil Marbles, also known as Karlu Karlu, are round boulders (as the name translates to). A lot of legends surround these stones.