Top 10 Reasons Michigan Has the Best Beaches in the U.S.

Michigan’s Beaches Are Home to Beautiful Wildlife:Much of Michigan’s wildlife is on the state’s beaches and in its sand dunes. In particular, you might spot mammals like white-tailed deer, red foxes, porcupines, gray .

Michigan’s Beaches Have Freshwater:Because Michigan’s beaches are on the Great Lakes, they’re freshwater rather than saltwater.

You Can Find Lighthouses Galore:The Big Red Lighthouse, which used to be called the Holland Harbor Light, is the most popular lighthouse in the state. 

Michigan’s Beaches Are Exceptionally Peaceful:Along the Great Lakes and the 3,200 miles of shorelines, you’ll find a lot of peaceful, lesser-known beaches that make the perfect, serene escape you might be seeking. 

Michigan Offers a Great Climate:Michigan’s climate is one of the most appealing in the country. The state experiences the charm of all four seasons: warm, humid summers and cold winters.

Michigan’s Beaches Are Family-Friendly: Michigan features both busy beach towns with tons of dining and shopping and quiet, peaceful shores with a slower-paced feel. 

Michigan Provides Great Freshwater Fishing :Surf fishing, which involves standing on the shore or wading in the surf zone, is one of the most popular types of fishing on Michigan beaches.

Michigan’s Beaches Have Soft Sugar Sand:Many Michigan residents and vacationers brag about the state’s sugar sand that warms beneath the sun on a hot summer day.

You Can Watch the Sun Set Over the Water:When you think about watching the sunset over the water at the beach, you probably think about the West Coast and its shorelines.

You Can Take Part in Various Outdoor Activities: Michigan’s beaches are also a prime spot for outdoor and water activities. On the sand, you can play sports like soccer and volleyball or go for a run or walk along the water .

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