Top 10 Spectacular Fish Found in Japan

Yokozuna Slickhead:Here is a truly spectacular fish found in Japan that has just recently been identified. It might be the largest deep-sea fish ever found.

Tiger Pufferfish:The tiger pufferfish, sometimes called the Japanese puffer, is a spectacular-looking fish with a unique ability to use water to “puff” itself up. 

Red Seabream:The red seabream is a traditional fish in Japan that is considered good luck and is reserved for special occasions like weddings and the Japanese New Year. 

Pacific Bluefin Tuna:Pacific bluefin tuna are dark blue on the dorsal side with a mix of greenish-blue iridescence along their side and a lighter underside.

Japanese Sea Bass:The Japanese sea bass is known as suzuki in Japan. They can be found off the coasts of Japan and in some of the brackish areas along the coast. 

Japanese Koi:The Japanese Koi! You may be familiar with these colorful fish often displayed in elaborate garden ponds. 

Japanese Freshwater Eel:They are catadromous, meaning they spend most of their life in freshwater, like the coastal tributaries and rivers along Japan’s coast, then migrate out to sea to spawn. 

Giant Trevally:Giant trevally really are good-sized fish reaching lengths of 40 inches and 110 pounds. 

Cherry Salmon:The cherry salmon, or masu, is only found in the Asian Pacific and are one of the smallest Pacific salmon. As adults, they can get up to 20 inches long and weigh between 4-5 ½ pounds.

Butterflyfish:Butterflyfish come in a variety of colors and patterns but they share the same dinner-plate shape with a pointed snout. They belong to the Chaetodontidae family. 

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