Top 10 States that Produce the Most Wheat in the U.S.

Washington:Washington produced 144,020,000 bushels of wheat in 2022 and 87,180,000 in 2021. Though Washington is high on the list of states that produce the most wheat.

Texas: Texas is more about horses and cotton, as far as livestock and crops are concerned. However, the Lone Star State is also a huge producer of corn, peanuts, rice, and pecans.

Oklahoma:Oklahoma produced 68,600,000 bushels of wheat in 2022, and a much higher 115,500,000 in 2021. Despite its place on the list, Oklahoma is a corn state, through and through.

North Dakota:North Dakota edged out Kansas for the number one spot in states that produce the most wheat for 2022. Kansas led the list by a long shot, in 2021.

Montana: Montana produced 139,300,000 bushels of wheat in 2022 and 100,361,000 bushels in 2021. Despite floating back and forth between the number 3 and 4 spots.

 Minnesota:The state is better known for its livestock, alongside soybeans, corn, and sugar beets. Nonetheless, Minnesota produced 73,810,000 bushels of wheat in 2022 and 55,680,000 in 2021.

Kansas:Kansas is not always in the second spot and spends as much time in the first spot as North Dakota.

Illinois:Illinois produced 44,240,000 bushels of wheat in 2022 and a slightly higher 48,190,000 in 2021. Illinois leads the nation in soybeans and corn, as well as swine on the livestock side of the agriculture industry. 

 Idaho:Idaho is not just known for producing potatoes. The state produced 93,515,000 bushels of wheat in 2022 and 76,534,000 bushels in 2021.

Colorado:Colorado is known for the Rockies, not necessarily being one of the states that produce the most wheat.

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