Top 10 Turkey-Producing States in the Country

Missouri:It’s not just the farming of turkeys that Missouri enjoys; the central and northern counties of the state bag a good number of the wild fowl during hunting season. 

Arkansas:Agriculture in Arkansas, specifically its production of 26 million turkeys annually, is a huge deal.

North Carolina:According to recent annual figures, turkeys made the Tar Heel State almost one billion dollars—the farmed fowl number 28 million per year, comprising 14% of the country’s turkeys.

 Virginia:Turkey is big in Virginia, with many organic and heritage turkey options. They produce a hefty 15.3 million turkeys per year.

Iowa:Iowa certainly has a lot of agriculture, but it’s much more than corn. Interestingly, archaeologists studying the history of turkeys have noted that in places in North America .

Minnesota:The Minnesota Turkey Grower’s Association alone has 600 farms as members. This mostly prairie land state, with rough but predictable weather, produces 37 million turkeys per year!

Indiana:Indiana produces 20 million turkeys a year. 20 million birds and Hoosiers have the smallest state so far! And, like Iowa, there’s plenty of corn and soy to keep the birds fed.

Ohio:At number ten is Ohio. With several large cities, generally flat geography, and a whole lot of arable land, the Buckeye State has plenty of room for turkeys. 

California:Though we often think of turkeys as all coming from a picturesque forest in New England, they’re actually a worldwide phenomenon (including Turkey—on farms, anyway).

Pennsylvania:Pennsylvania has more of a turkey-friendly geography; the wooded Appalachians run clear through the Keystone State. And agriculturally, this state produces 7.7 million turkeys per year.

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