Top 10 Types of Turtles in Virginia

Coastal Plain Cooter :This species is fairly large as far as freshwater turtles go at 9 to 13 inches long on average. Females are longer and larger than males.

Eastern Box Turtle:The eastern box turtle is one of three common box turtle subspecies (the other two are the Gulf Coast and Florida varieties).

 Northern Red-Bellied Cooter :The northern red-bellied cooter is quite large for a freshwater turtle, with particularly large females sometimes reaching over 15 inches long!

Eastern Chicken Turtle:The eastern chicken turtle is one of three chicken turtle subspecies, with the other two being the Florida and western varieties.

Red-Eared Slider :The red-eared slider is well-known for its hardy nature and popularity in the exotic pet trade. In the wild, they are quite social animals and often bask in large groups atop logs and rocks.

Eastern Painted Turtle:The typical eastern painted turtle is 5 to 7 inches long, with females being slightly longer than males. 

Eastern Musk Turtle :The eastern musk turtle is commonly known as the “stinkpot” turtle for the foul odor it can release from scent glands along the sides of its shell.

Wood Turtle:The wood turtle gets its name from its rugged, sculpted, somewhat flat shell that looks and feels like wood! It is closely related to the bog turtle, which is in the same genus, Glyptemys.

Cumberland Slider : this turtle averages 5 to 8 inches long. It has an olive-green to brown carapace with yellow markings and a yellow rim. 

Eastern Mud Turtle:The turtle can use these hinges to tightly seal itself into its shell to protect itself from predators.

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