Top 11 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Woodpeckers Naturally

Check for Bugs:when woodpeckers are persistent about making holes in your house, they are alerting you to the presence of bugs or insects.

Fix or Replace Damaged Wood: To get rid of woodpeckers that are targeting your home, take time to inspect the outside of your house for needed repairs.

Hang Netting:Netting is another physical barrier that can prevent woodpeckers from reaching your house. Attach the net from your house’s eave and secure it to the ground.

Hang Shiny Objects:When shiny objects reflect light, it can trick woodpeckers into thinking there’s a predator nearby. Objects that blow in the breeze can also disrupt the birds’ flight paths. 

Install Aluminum Flashing:You can create a physical barrier between the woodpecker and your home by installing aluminum flashing over holes.

Make Loud Noises:Even though woodpeckers produce plenty of loud noises themselves, they will shy away from loud noises they perceive as threats.

Provide Alternate Food Sources:woodpeckers will also drill holes in order to search for or hide food. You can try to entice woodpeckers away from your home by providing them with additional food sources.

Turn On Your Sprinklers:Woodpeckers prefer to avoid hanging onto wet structures. You can try setting up a garden hose and a sprinkler to hit the areas where woodpeckers have been making holes.

Use Decoy Predators:These can typically be found online or in garden supply stores, but they are most effective when moved to a different spot every few days.

Use Scents:Certain scents can deter woodpeckers. Try spraying diluting peppermint or cinnamon essential oils in a bottle and spraying on the outside of your house. 

Install Nest Boxes:One reason woodpeckers create holes is to make nests, so an option to get rid of woodpeckers is to install nest boxes. 

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