Top 11 Most Dangerous Places in Louisiana

Urania, Louisiana:According to recent Census Bureau data, Urania is the poorest town in the country due to shrinking industries. Sadly, the poverty rate is just over 40%.

Opelousas, Louisiana:The town of Opelousas has a negative reputation mostly due to the regular crime. Unfortunately, this has been the case for decades. 

New Orleans:The Big Easy is known for delicious King Cakes, chicory coffee, and a hot jazz scene. Heck, if you’re coming to the South for a taste of culture, then New Orleans is a must-see.

Near the Coast:The coast of Louisiana can be a dangerous place to live, with numerous hurricanes having made landfall in the state.

Monroe, Louisiana:There are several reasons why Monroe makes the list of the most dangerous places in Louisiana, including its soaring temperatures. 

Marksville, Louisiana:The tiny town of Marksville, Louisiana, is home to just about 5,000 residents. The town’s motto is “Where Everybody Is Somebody.”

Lake Martin, Louisiana:Lake Martin is one of the most alligator-infested lakes in Louisiana. This lake is located near the Cyprus Island Nature Preserve, where many alligators live.

Hammond, Louisiana:Hammond is a small town of 20,000. There’s plenty of culture and diversity, but it’s not the safest place to live.

Bastrop, Louisiana:There can be more danger in border towns because of so many people coming and going, and this is the case for Bastrop.

Along Highway 90:Drivers in Louisiana should be cautious when traveling along Highway 90, one of the most dangerous roads in Louisiana. 

Alexandria, Louisiana:One of the most dangerous places in Louisiana is the city of Alexandria. The main issue here is the crime rate.

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