Top 12 Best Small Flowering Trees

Franklin Tree:The Franklin tree, named after Benjamin Franklin, was discovered in Georgia in the 18th century. Experts believe it is extinct in the wild, making cultivated specimens valuable.

Flowering Dogwood:The flowering dogwood is an iconic small flowering tree native to eastern North America. It produces elegant pink or white bracts that surround true flowers.

Flowering Almond :A flowering almond is a small tree or large shrub that produces bursts of spring color. 

Elderberry :Elderberries encompass various cultivars of small flowering trees, and garden enthusiasts treasure them for their delicate flowers. 

Eastern Redbud:Eastern redbud is easy to grow and requires minimal maintenance. Of course, pruning helps keep its neat and tidy shape.

Eastern Red Cedar:Eastern red cedar is low-maintenance and requires minimal pruning. Similarly, it is pest- and disease-resistant as well as drought-tolerant once established.

Dwarf Korean Lilac:Dwarf Korean lilacs love fertile, well-draining soil. However, specimens tolerate a range of soils and require regular watering during the establishment phase.

Dogwood:Dogwood cultivars are easy to grow. However, they benefit from regular pruning to maintain their shape and improve their air circulation.

Crape Myrtle:Crape myrtles are an adaptive choice with distinct bark and growth characteristics. They produce mottled barks in shades of brown, gray, and reddish-brown.

Crabapple:Crabapple is a species of fruiting and flowering tree with high ornamental value. They are available in a variety of cultivars.

Carolina Silverbell:Carolina silverbell, also known as snowdrop tree or silverbell tree, is a charming and graceful flowering tree that is also native to the southeastern United States.

Carolina Cherry Laurel :Native to the southeastern United States, Carolina cherry laurel brings elegance and privacy to gardens and yards. 

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