Top 12 Best Tank Mates to Pair with Cichlids

Synodontis Catfish:The synodontis catfish is around 8 inches long and requires a tank with a capacity of around 30 gallons or more. 

 Siamese Algae Eater :The Siamese algae eater is the perfect choice to add to your tank if you want a clean and algae-free aquarium.

Red-Tailed Shark:Red-tailed sharks are striking fishes native to Thailand. They have a sleek black body with a vivid red tail, from which they get their name.

Red-Spotted Scat Fish:They have a distinctive appearance with red spots on a silvery body and can reach sizes of up to 15 inches when fully grown. 

Pictus Catfish:The pictus catfish is an extremely popular freshwater fish among aquarium enthusiasts. This is primarily due to the ease of care and the distinct “catfish” look it brings to your tank. 

Other Cichlids:There are almost 2,000 recognized species of cichlids, so you definitely have your pick. In fact, around 1,000 of these originate from Lake Malawi.

Leopard Bushfish:The leopard bushfish can make a suitable tank mate for certain cichlid species due to its peaceful temperament and similar tank needs. 

Lake Malawi Synodontis:As you might be able to guess from its name, Lake Malawi synodontis comes from Lake Malawi, where they inhabit the rocky shores and sandy bottoms.

Giant Danio:Giant danios are among the larger fish in the danio family and come from Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India and can grow to 4 to 6 inches.

Flying Fox Fish:The flying fox fish can be found at the bottoms of fast-moving freshwater currents of Indonesia and Thailand. 

Clown Loach:Clown loaches have a distinctive appearance that contrasts well with the vibrant colors of cichlids. These fish are eye-catching with their vibrant orange bodies adorned with striking black bands.

African Red-Eyed Tetra:As the name suggests, African red-eyed tetras have striking red eyes that stand out against their pale coloration. They are originally from Nigeria.

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