Top 12 Biggest Lakes In Europe

Vättern Lake: The lake has a surface area of 738 square miles or 1,912 km2 and 18.5 cubic miles of water. Vättern has long been known for the high quality of its clear water. 

Tsimlyansk Reservoir:Tsimlyansk is a Don River man-made lake that was completed in 1952. Its territory of 1,043 square miles (2,702 km2) extends into the oblasts of Rostov and Volgograd. 

Saratov Reservoir:Saratov Reservoir is a man-made lake in Russia’s lower Volga River produced by the Saratov Hydroelectric Station’s dam, located in Balakovo. 

Rybinsk Reservoir:Rybinsk, often known as the Rybinsk Sea, is another Russian reservoir. It covers 1,770 square miles (4,580 km2) and contains 6.1 cubic miles of water. 

Lake Vänern:Lake Vänern spans the Swedish provinces of Dalsland, Värmland, and Västergötland. It is Sweden’s largest lake, with a surface size of 2,180 square miles and an average depth of 89 feet. 

Lake Saimaa: Lake Saimaa is home to nearly 3,500 islets and various wildlife. The Saimaa ringed seal is an endangered freshwater seal that exclusively lives on Saimaa. 

Lake Peipus:It covers 1,373 square miles (3,555 km2) and has approximately 6.0 cubic miles of water. 

Lake Beloye:Lake Beloye, often known as White Lake, is a lake in Russia’s Vologda Oblast. It is among Europe’s ten largest natural lakes, with a surface size of 440 square miles (1,130 km2). 

Kremenchuk Reservoir:Kremenchuk is another major European reservoir in Ukraine. Covering an area of 870 square miles (2,250 km2) and a volume of 10,900,000 acre-feet.

Kakhovka Reservoir:It is a little smaller than the Kremenchuk, with 832 square miles (2,155 km2) and a volume of 14,800,000 acre-feet. 

Greater Saimaa:Suur-Saimaa is a word that refers to at least two separate water locations in relation to Saimaa, another massive Finnish lake. It encompasses 443 square miles .

 Gorky Reservoir:Gorky Reservoir, often known as Gorky Sea, is an artificial lake in the Volga River’s central basin with a surface size of 614 square miles (1591 km2).

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